Recruiting Tools That Sizzle

  • Automated Communication and Follow-up Plans for Leads, Inquiries, Applicants and Students
  • Use VOIP Telephony (Auto-Dial Directly from the System) to Call Leads, Inquiries, and Applicants
  • Easily Send Text Messages, as well as E-mail and Paper Documents
  • Dashboards Display Real Time Admissions Funnel Statistics
  • Access Inquiry and Applicant Information from Any Location

Borrower Based Financial Aid

  • Full Financial Aid Packaging and Compliance
  • Integration with COD
  • Borrower Based Academic Year
  • Institution and Student Based Budgeting
  • ISIR Importing.
  • Multiple Program and Start Dates

Registration is a Snap

  • Program Based Course Enrollment
  • Degree Planning and Requirements Audit
  • Faculty Portal for Grading and Attendance
  • Clock/Credit Hour and Term Based Programs
  • Integrated with your Learning Management System

Student Billing and Accounts Are Fully Integrated

  • Flexible Billing Methods and Setup
  • Student Portal Provides Access to Statements
  • Financial Aid is Fully Integrated.
  • On-line Payments Processing
  • Integrated with your General Ledger System
  • Built-in Collections Support

Job Placement is Included

  • Job Requirements to Skills Matching.
  • Placement Success Tracking

Report Writer

  • Standard Reports
  • Custom Reports Accessing All System Data
  • Federal, State, and Regulatory Reporting

Superior Technology and System Design

  • Uses Your Terminology and Your Definitions.
  • Custom User Views and Menus.
  • Manage Users and Security With Ease.
  • Monitor User Activity.
  • Effortless Data Imports and Exports.
  • Custom User Defined Fields and Variables.